AToM Past Meetings

2019.02.04 – PSI2/AToM All-hands Meeting and Code Camp

Time:Monday 4 Feb. – Friday 8 Feb.
Location:General Atomics Bldg 7
Info:GA Visitor Information


  • This information is subject to updates before meeting
  • Obtain badge at GA main building security on first arrival
  • Bring passport (non US person), green card (resident) or DL (citizen)
  • People will be escorted daily (out of main building to meeting spaces) at 8:45am, 9:00am, 9:15am
  • Badge processing will take 15-20min so please arrive early
  • Presentations in PDF format (please), 16x9 aspect ratio
  • Selected presentations will be broadcast via Bluejeans. Connection information will be sent by email
  • Please review agenda for issues or problems. Report issues to Jeff Candy by email
  • AGENDA LEGEND: pink=lecture, blue=hacking, green=open room, grey=unavailable room

Day 1 – Monday Feb 4


Day 2 – Tuesday Feb 5


Day 3 – Wednesday Feb 6


Day 4 – Thursday Feb 7


Day 5 – Friday Feb 8


2018.10.18 – October Conference Call

Time:Friday, 18 October 2018 – 10:00am-12:30pm PT


  • rapid overview of status/activities (36 min total)
  • discuss small AToM meeting at APS (for those attending APS-DPP in Nov.) (8 min)
  • discuss February all-hands meeting (with PSI2) (8 min)
  • action items (goals) to be completed before Feb meeting (10 min)

2018.03.30 – March Conference Call

Time:Friday, 30 March 2018 – 12:30pm-2:30pm PDT
Join:Email connection info sent (26 March)


  1. Summary of activity on Thrusts
    • A: Meneghini, Kalling, Elwasif
    • B: Green, Law
    • C: Holland
    • D: Kessel, Dorf, Chen
    • E: Bernholdt
    • F: Bonoli

2018.01.18 – January Conference Call

Time:Thursday, 18 Jan 2018 – 1:00pm-2:30pm PDT
Join:Email connection info sent (16 Jan)


  1. Progress on AToM build system
    • Tier-0 installation
    • GACODE build system
    • Spack
  2. Liaisons
    • Use/benchmark cases
    • Interacting with SciDAC centers
    • Access to ITER scenario database
  3. Volunteers for webpage work
    • Managing publications
    • Maintaining project overview/summary pages
    • Developing useful software map (including liaison-related info)

2017.11.27 – ESL/AToM All-hands Meeting and Code Camp

Time:Monday 27 Nov – Thursday Nov 30
Location:General Atomics Bldg 7, Room G07-120
Info:GA Visitor Information
Day Time Speaker Title
Monday ESL day  
  09:30AM Snyder/Candy Welcome and logistics
  09:45AM Snyder ESL project overview and timeline
  10:00PM Dorf COGENT progress and plans
  10:45PM BREAK [possible call with J. Mandrekas]
  10:55AM Candy CGYRO/NEO progress and plans
  11:40AM Krasheninnikov UCSD progress and plans
  12:00PM DISCUSSION Physics coordination
  12:15AM LUNCH
  01:30PM Dorr ESL math overview
  02:30PM Ghosh Semi-implicit COGENT time-integration
  03:00PM Ricketson Sparse grid methods
  03:30PM BREAK  
  03:45AM DISCUSSION Math and math/physics coordination
  04:00PM Candy AToM introduction, relation to ESL
  04:10PM Snyder/Meneg. EPED and ESL-AToM coordination
  04:30PM Dorf/Dorr COGENT and ESL-AToM coordination
  05:00PM DISCUSSION Joint AToM/ESL issues
  07:00PM DINNER Location TBA
Tuesday AToM Presentations  
  09:00AM Candy Welcome and AToM overview
  09:40AM Batchelor IPS for physics studies
  10:00AM Holland Validation thrusts
  10:20AM Green WDM thrust action items
  10:40AM Bonoli AToM liaisons, SciDAC center interact.
  11:00AM DISCUSSION Strategy for WDM, liaisons, integration
  11:40AM LUNCH
  01:00PM Fann Parallel-in-time methods
  01:20PM Law Reduced Models
  01:40PM Elwasif/Dorr RAPIDS and FASTMath (ASCR SciDAC)
  02:00PM BREAK
  02:20PM Kessel Modeling activities at PPPL
  02:40PM Chen EP inteaction with MHD/turbulence
  03:00PM Dorf Modeling activities at LLNL
  03:20PM Park CESOL
  03:40PM BREAK
  04:00PM DISCUSSION Create action items
  07:00PM DINNER Location TBA
Wednesday AToM Technical day  
  09:00AM Smith Logistics, Github navigation, etc
  09:25AM Elwasif IPS modules and development
  09:50AM Kalling My experience installing AToM
  10:15PM BREAK
  10:30AM DISCUSSION Strategy for WDM, liaisons, integration
  11:40AM LUNCH
  01:00PM Candy AToM makefile, Sphinx/rst, website tasks
  01:30PM Meneghini AToM+ITER-IMAS = OMAS
  02:00PM Snoep 1.5D STRAHL-TGYRO coupling
  07:00PM DINNER Location TBA
Thursday AToM hackathon  
  09:00AM CODING Questions and open discussion/coding
  11:40AM LUNCH
  01:30AM CODING Questions and open discussion/coding
  07:00PM DINNER Location TBA

2017.09.27 – Kickoff Conference call

Time:Wednesday, 27 Sept 2017 – 1:00pm-2:30pm PDT
  1. Summary of AToM-0, vision for AToM (Candy, 10 min)
  2. Self-introduction from each team member (all, 20 min)
  3. Summary presentations by AToM-0 Institutional PIs
    1. Bernholdt (6 min)
    2. Dorf (6 min)
    3. Dorr (6 min)
    4. Green (6 min)
    5. Holland (6 min)
  4. Open discussion of action items for November F2F meeting at GA (30 min)