DIII-D #144981


This H-mode discharge was part of a plasma current scan carried out at fixed toroidal field, plasma shape, and heating power. It was heated with 4.0W of NBI. Analysis was performed at 3.20 secs.

The major plasma parameters are Bt=2.1T, Ip=1.5MA, kappa=1.73, and delta(u,l)=(0.25,0.38). This discharge complements 144977 (1.0MA).

Data analysis

ONETWO run with 101 radial grid points.

ONETWO files:

Plot of power densities


Reviewplus time traces



Kinetic EFIT at 3200ms:

Plot of EFIT



Linear run at r/a=0.75, ky=0.30:
Electrostatic, Miller equil., Suguma coll. model, n_species=2, n_theta=24, n_radial=8

Plot of gamma,omega vs time


Plot of phi vs theta



TGYRO run with TGLF09(SAT0) and EPED1-NN models:


J.P. Floyd, et al., Phys. Plasmas 22, 022508 (2015).

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