DIII-D #153523


This H-mode discharge was run in a lower single null configuration with the aspect ratio, elongation, and triangularity closely matched to what is expected for the ITER baseline inductive scenario (ITER-similar-shape). It was heated with 2.6MW of NBI and 3.3MW of ECH. Analysis was performed at 3.745 secs.

The major plasma parameters are Bt=1.7T, Ip=1.3MA, kappa=1.8, and delta(u,l)=(0.37,0.8). This discharge complements 155196 but here there is nearly zero beam torque (0.42 Nt-m).

Data analysis

ONETWO run with 51 radial grid points.

ONETWO files:

Plot of power densities


Reviewplus time traces



Kinetic efits at 3745ms:

Plot of EFIT



Linear runs versus radius, ky=0.30:
Electrostatic, Miller equil., Suguma coll. model, n_species=2, n_theta=24, n_radial=8

Plot of gamma,omega vs rho


Plot of phi vs theta at rho=0.50



TGYRO run with TGLF09(SAT0) and EPED1-NN models:


T. C. Luce et al., Proc. 25th IAEA FEC, St. Petersburg, Russia PPC/P2-34 (2014)
C. Holland, N.T. Howard, and B. Grierson, Nucl. Fusion 57, 066043 (2017).

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