DIII-D #155196


This H-mode discharge case was part of a study comparing ITER Baseline Scenario (IBS) discharges with neutral beam (NB) heating alone to otherwise identical discharges in which some of the NB power was replaced with electron cyclotron heating (ECH). Two time slices were chosen. The first time slice at 2.20s includes both NBI and ECH. The second time slice at 3.0s and has NBI only.

The major plasma parameters are Bt=1.7T, Ip=1.3MA, \(\kappa\) =1.8, and \(\delta(u,l)\) =(0.35,0.8). The first time slice at 2200ms has 3.3MW of ECH and 2.6MW of NBI. The second time slice has only 3.5MW of NBI.

Data analysis

TRANSP run E04 by B. Grierson

TRANSP statefiles:

ONETWO run at 2200ms with 101 radial grid points:

Plot of power densities from ONETWO analysis


Reviewplus time traces



Kinetic efits at 2200 and 3000ms:

Plot of EFIT at 2200ms


Plot of EFIT at 3000ms



TGYRO runs with TGLF09(SAT0) and EPED1-NN models:


Linear runs versus radius, ky=0.30:
Electrostatic, Miller equil., Suguma coll. model, n_species=2, n_theta=24, n_radial=8

Plot of gamma,omega vs rho



Grierson, B., et al, Phys. Plasmas 25, 022509 (2018).

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