AToM Research Thrusts

Thrust A: AToM environment, performance and packaging
Task Description Lead Support
A2 Optimize CGYRO for CPU/GPU Fann Kalling, Candy
A3 AToM build system, packaging and distribution Smith Kalling, Elwasif, Green, Candy
A4 Supported community (HPC) AToM installations Green Elwasif, Smith, Meneghini
A6 Outreach: website, online tutorials and code-camps Smith All
A7 Extend OMFIT to support remote data access of HPC simulations Meneghini  
A8 Facilitate transfer of simulation results to experiment setup Smith Eldon
A9 Embed IPS workflow generation into OMFIT Meneghini Green, Elwasif
A10 Adapt the IPS to support modern storage hierarchies Elwasif Bernholdt, Batchelor
A11 Support for sub-node-sized tasks Elwasif Bernholdt, Batchelor
A12 Enhance IPS scalability for massive concurrency Elwasif Bernholdt
Thrust B: Physics Component Integration
Task Description Lead Support
B1 Implement enhanced core physics modules Park Green, Smith, Belli
B2 Implement leadership-scale physics modules Belli Candy, Chen
B3 Enhance pedestal physics model Snyder Park, Meneghini, Smith
B4 Modular enhancement of SOL physics model Green Park, Meneghini, Smith
B5 Implement robust profile-matching algorithm Green Park, Meneghini, Smith
B6 Extend SOL domain to the first wall Park Green
B7 Include multispecies impurities Park Green
B10 Reduced model of GK micro-turbulence Meneghini Cianciosa
Thrust C: Validation and Uncertainty Quantification
Task Description Lead Support
C1 Identify initial benchmark cases Holland Park, Smith
C4 Core turbulent transport model validation and UQ Holland Howard, Chen
C5 Inverse method capability for integrated workflow models Cianciosa Green
C7 Test core-pedestal-SOL-impurity coupling Bonoli Park, Candy
Thrust D: Physics and Scenario Exploration
Task Description Lead Support
D1 High-fidelity modeling of ITER inductive and steady-state scenarios Kessel Holland, Park, Batchelor, Bonoli, Sachdev, Pankin
D2 Predictive modeling and optimization of proposed future facilities Kessel Holland, Park, Batchelor, Bonoli, Sachdev, Pankin
D4 Interaction between low-n energetic particles driven modes and microturbulence Chen Orlov
D5 Multiscale simulations of experimental plasma conditions Howard Holland, Candy
D6 Modeling temporal multiscale effects of neutral dynamics Dorf Umansky, Dorr
Thrust E: Data and Metadata Management
Task Description Lead Support
E1 Scalable provenance capture from AToM simulations Bernholdt Kostuk, Meneghini
E2 Simulation data management Kostuk Kalling, Meneghini, Smith, Elwasif
E3 Interoperability with ITER IMAS data model Kalling Kostuk, Meneghini, Elwasif, Bernholdt
Thrust F: Liaisons to SciDAC Partnerships
Task Description Lead Support
F1 Liaison to RF Modules Bonoli  
F2 Liaison to Energetic Particle Modules Chen  
F3 Liaison to SciDAC-4 Plasma Material Interactions Center Green Snyder
F4 Liaison to SciDAC-4 Transients Center Orlov  
F5 Liaison to SciDAC-4 Boundary Center Dorf