About AToM

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A Brief Description of AToM

The AToM project philosophy is to enhance and extend present modeling capabilities by leveraging and integrating existing research. AToM supports numerous physics codes, frameworks, and tools which have been developed independently by the fusion community, often through years or decades of research. AToM seeks to streamline the integration of these tools, to further their development, and to deploy and support the resulting software.

AToM Thrusts

The goal of the AToM project is to support, integrate, and build upon a wide spectrum of existing research activities in the US fusion program, and guide the integration of high performance computing resources to enable a broad range of new physics capabilities. A number of computational tools, including a workflow manager (OMFIT), computational framework (IPS), and high performance simulation codes (GYRO/CGYRO, NEO, TGYRO, and COGENT) enable simulations of complex plasma behavior, and extensive validation against experimental data. AToM targets advanced integrated simulations which couple core, pedestal and scrape-off-layer physics in order to predict, and further optimize, performance of the fusion plasma.

The key thrusts of the AToM project are:

  1. AToM environment, performance and packaging

  2. Physics component integration

  3. Validation and uncertainty quantification

  4. Physics and scenario exploration

  5. Data and metadata management

  6. Liaisons to SciDAC partnerships

In this document, we also provide a list of AToM Research Thrusts.