DIII-D #136835


This H-mode discharge was part of an experiment designed to investigate the impact of the plasma current profile on transport and stability in steady-state scenerio discharges. This disharge has 10.3MW of NB heating and 2.2MW of ECH. It has a high normalized pressure of betaN=2.6 with q(0)=2.0 and q95=6.6.. The major plasma parameters are Bt=2.0T, Ip=1.0MA, kappa=1.84, and delta(u,l)=(0.61,0.44).

Data analysis

ONETWO run with 101 radial grid points.

ONETWO files:

Plot of power densities


Reviewplus time traces



Kinetic EFIT (129x29) at 3605ms:

Plot of KEFIT



F. Turco, C. Holcomb, et al., Phys. Plasmas 19, 122506 (2012).