DIII-D #154406


This H-mode discharge was part of an experiment designed to develop the high beta_p scenario and achieve excellent energy confinement with relatively low NBI driven torque. This discharge compliments 154372 which had a beta_N=2.6. The profiles for 154406 were analyzed at 5170ms where beta_N=3.0 and includes ECH heating. The major plasma parameters are Bt=2.0T, Ip=0.6MA, Pnb=8.3MW, Pech=3.3MW, kappa=1.89, and delta(u,l)=(0.73,0.46).

Data analysis

ONETWO run with 101 radial grid points.

ONETWO files:

Reviewplus time traces



Kinetic EFIT (129x29) at 5170ms:

Plots of KEFIT at 5170ms



C. Pan, et al., Nucl. Fusion 57, 036018 (2017).