DIII-D #164510


This H-mode discharge was part of an experiment designed to develop the high beta_p scenario and attempt to maintain qmin greater than 2. The profiles were analyzed at a time slice (4745ms) where the plasma current had been ramped up to 1.0MA. While at a slightly lower beta_N (2.4), the priority was on having well resolved profile data. The major plasma parameters are Bt=2.1T, Ip=1.0MA, Pnb=8.3MW, kappa=1.8, and delta(u,l)=(0.50,0.72).

Data analysis

ONETWO run with 101 radial grid points.

ONETWO files:

Reviewplus time traces



Kinetic EFIT (129x29) at 4745ms:

Plots of KEFIT at 4745ms



M. Wu, et al., Phys. Plasmas 25, 042506 (2018), X. Jian, et al., Nucl. Fusion 58, 016011 (2018).