NSTX-U #204551


This is a representative L-mode case from a series of L-mode discharges where the goal was to establish and diagnose steady-state L-mode plasmas over a range of plasma current, NBI heating, and densities. Transport analysis was performed at 0.900 sec during during the sawtoothing phase and where the NBI heating was 2.6MW. The major plasma parameters are R=0.93, a=0.59, Bt=0.63T, Ip=0.79MA, kappa=1.7, and delta=0.40.

Data analysis

TRANSP run A08.

Time traces



EFIT01 at 897ms:

Plot of EFIT at 897ms


q and pressure profiles at 897ms



  1. Guttenfelder, et al., Nucl. Fusion 59, 056027 (2019).